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April 03, 2020 1 min read

Go beyond the benefits of caffeine

Did you know that Kimera Koffee contains a powerful nutrient that boosts your workout and brain health? Yes, caffeine naturally stimulates your mind and body, but Kimera Koffee takes java to the next level. Our blends contains a special vitamin called Alpha GPC (also known as alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine) that extends the benefits of coffee way beyond a caffeine buzz.

Curious about why we chose to use Alpha GPC? Read on for a few of the research-backed benefits!

Performance Enhancement
A small study concluded that supplementation with Alpha GPC was effective at increasing lower body power output for athletes in just 6 days. The substance is thought to facilitate neuro-muscular interaction, thus influencing muscular performance.

Brain Boost
Not an athlete? Drink up, as Alpha GPC may also improve brain health! Research suggests that Alpha GPC may improve memory and attention. It’s also used to promote healing after brain trauma in stroke patients by facilitating neuronal connections.

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