The Inspiration

Kimera Koffee bottle in a bag of coffee cherries

At an altitude of 5,000ft high, our original beans were sourced from a Single-Estate coffee plantation run by the same family for over 40 years.

These climates have privileged shade and altitude conditions and produce very unique-tasting coffee – some deeply robust yet not overpowering, others with a complex, nutty flavor.

man in sunglasses in a tree, from below

Throughout our Company’s history, we’ve worked closely with our farmers. We learned about their culture, their town and their families. We grew to understand the ecosystems that are required for making good quality coffee: everything that surrounds the coffee plant plays a role in nurturing its flavor.

open burlap sack of coffee with someone's hand digging through it

We’ve continued to expand our horizon and have learned about different coffee-making processes (like wet, honey or natural). We’ve tasted coffee from other locations, searching for unique flavors that we can offer our customers.