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Amber Blend Organic Ground (12oz) - Balanced Performance

"This coffee is everything is advertised to be. Incredible. I’m going to subscribe to a monthly supply as soon as I complete this review. Clarity, Get-up-and-go and positive motivation, along with great flavor. Just can’t beat it!"
- Anonymous

1 bag of Kimera Koffee Amber Roast (Ground) High Altitude Artisan Organic Coffee infused with Alpha GPC, Taurine, DMAE, and L-Theanine

  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Optimized Focus & Concentration
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Our unique 30 Day "Honey Process" allows the beans to absorb the sweetness of the cherry and impart a one-of-a-kind honey-like flavor to the blend. These beans are slightly roasted to accentuate the candied nectar flavors trapped in the bean.


Nicaragua & Brazil Blend




Honeyed, balanced, luscious. Notes of brown sugar, berries.


Bright, light body. 


Smooth and balanced sweetness, hints of fruit jam, moderate chocolate, caramel, delicate notes of flower.

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NITRO FLUSH. Our bags are packaged using our Nitrogen Flushing system. We package our coffee within hours of roasting. Nitro Flushing purges oxygen from the bag and injects nitrogen before completely sealing the container. This allows Kimera to get the same-day freshly roasted flavor to your cup with every brew.

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    United States United States
    We all love Kimera Koffee

    We have tried almost every koffee flavor from kimera and we love them all, but the Amber is by far our favorite. The flavor is perfection and the energy and focus we all get is amazing. Even our teen daughter drinks her Koffee every morning before school to prepare her for the day. My husband also loves to add in the Kimera Kacho Booster to his cup everyday for even more vitamins. Thanks, Kimera. You have life long customers!

    Thomas S.
    United States United States
    great Cup

    I have bought several times from Kimera Koffee There are a couple of other high end coffees that I really like but this one is my favorite. I wish they could sell whole beans as I like to grind my own but I highly recommend this coffee

    Kelly S.
    United States United States
    This coffee is fantastic!

    If you haven’t tried Kimera Koffee, you should! For a long time, I was skeptical of its benefits, but they have proved time and time again that they work for me! Hot or cold, this stuff is amazing!

    Nicole A.
    United States United States

    I’m not a fan of the flavor. I unfortunately haven’t experienced any of the benefits either. I am half way through the bag. Not saying it won’t work for others, it just isn’t my cup coffee.

    John S.
    United States United States
    A New Favorite Rocket Fuel

    I am really loving the lighter roast of the Amber Blend right now. Don't mistake light for weak! This a an exceptionally flavorful coffee with all of the kick of the Original Blend! I gave a cup to a co-worker who came to me 6 hrs later wide-eyed and amazed that she was still focused, motivated and outpacing everyone else around. Do yourself a favor- buy a bag!

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