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High Altitude Artisan Organic Coffee Grounds infused with Alpha GPC, Taurine, DMAE, and L-Theanine. This blend boosts energy levels, optimizes focus and concentration, and enhances athletic performance.

Coffee Profile

Coffee Origin

Bean Origin


Coffee Origin



Coffee Origin


Sweet, balanced, and straightforward. Has notes of cedar, chocolate, hazelnut, and faint flowers.

Coffee Origin


Sweet and balanced, mild chocolate, faint apricot, fir, walnut, a hint of faded lily, and subtle floral notes.

Why Brain Vitamins?

Nootropics are brain vitamins that improve focus, cognition, mental health, and power output. To create Kimera Koffee, we combed through dozens of research papers, clinical studies and peer reviews to find the perfect mix of nootropics for mental and athletic performance.

After going through dozens of formulas, we've finally achieved our goal of supplementing for balanced mental health and athletic performance without sacrificing our coffee’s flavor profile.

The Brain Vitamin Formula:


Want to enjoy a caffeine buzz without the jitters? That’s one reason why L-Theanine is included in our organic coffee. It’s an all natural amino acid found in tea leaves that increases serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter that keeps your sleep and appetite cruising at a nice speed.

When combined with caffeine, its benefits skyrocket. L-Theanine subdues the jittery side-effects of caffeine, helps maintain calm and focus, increases speed and accuracy during tasks, reduces weight-gaining properties, improves sleep, and enhances alertness.


Did you know our coffee helps reverse aging? Taurine is an organic amino acid compound commonly found in eggs that reduces cognitive decline from aging and oxidative stress. It also fights fatigue, boosts metabolism, helps your brain function optimally, and reduces feelings of weakness.

Alpha GPC

If you’re an athlete, you want Alpha GPC in your coffee because studies show it boosts power output. And if you aren’t an athlete, you still want it! Alpha GPC is a natural choline compound found in soy, meats, and fish that also boosts memory and increases learning. It does all these things through overall improved brain health, increased healing after brain trauma, and facilitation of new neuronal connections.


DMAE is an organic compound that enhances short-term memory, concentration, and learning capacity by increasing the production of brain chemicals like acetylcholine. This compound can also protect neurons and other cells from the harmful effects of oxidation. Overall, DMAE boosts short-term memory, physical & athletic performance, and elevates mood.


Kimera Koffee comes without any jitters or crash. The combination of high quality coffee beans and nootropics gives you a longer and more focused coffee buzz, all while delivering long term cognitive benefits.

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    Quality Coffee Beans

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    Research-backed Ingredients

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    Improved focus, better brain health

Benefits of Kimera Koffee

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United States United States
Kimera Koffee

Delicious Coffee! I have 2 cups at around 6-7 in the morning and workout at 9:00. I feel like it gives me a real boost. I beat my husband in our WOD yesterday and that doesn't happen often.

Frank L.
United States United States
Great coffee

I like the taste and not the crash when drinking your coffee.

charlie r.
United States United States
Amazing coffee! Only one issue

Excellent coffee. Tastes incredible and the Brian vitamins work as advertised. My one complaint is it doesn’t come in whole bean! I’ve been told that if they offered it in whole bean it would “put kimera at a cost not suitable for the market” which doesn’t make any sense to me considering there’s another company, called mastermind coffee, that does the nootropic blends just the same as kimera, yet offers whole bean with all their coffees at the same price as kimera, with the same subscribe and save discount. If they were to offer whole bean this would be a 10 star coffee

United States United States
Amazing! Only one problem.....

Excellent coffee. Some of the best I’ve ever had. The Brian vitamins work as advertised. The original, dark, and light roasts are all delicious. My only complaint is that it only comes in pre ground. If they offered whole bean it would knock it out of the park. I’ve been told offering whole bean would “put kimera at a price not suitable for the market” which doesn’t make any sense to me considering there are other companies such as mastermind coffee that offer nootropic coffees in whole bean at the same price point as kimera

United States United States
Good coffee

I enjoy this coffee and will be ordering more in the future.

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