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Why don't you ship to my country?

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Is my coffee expired?

What's that valve on the Kimera Koffee bag for?

Sub & Save - I can't access my account (to cancel, modify, update CC, etc.)!

There are white chunks in my bag of Kimera Koffee. What gives?

Is Kimera Koffee vegan?

Is Kimera Koffee organic?

Where do your Nootropics come from?

What type of beans do you use?

Are your Nootropics performance-enhancing drugs?

Does Kimera contain Mycotoxins?

What's the best way to store Kimera Koffee?

Does a coffee filter eliminate the Nootropics in any way?

Are Nootropics affected by hot or cold water?

How much Kimera Koffee can I have per day?

What type of grind size does Kimera use?

How do YOU drink your Kimera?

Is Kimera Koffee Fair Trade or Organic?

Why won't my discount code work?

Why can't I feel the effects of the Nootropics?

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Do you have any sponsorship opportunities available?

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