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  • This one's for our OG coffee lovers, our legendary original blend. This is the coffee that launched Kimera Koffee and all its ambassadors to their athletic peak. There's nothing quite like that initial sip of your warm, smooth, and delicate cup of coffee. Kimera's original blend offers a delightful fusion of organic Brazilian coffee beans and brain vitamins like taurine, Alpha GPC, DMAE, and L-theanine.

    Our original blend is for our coffee-loving friends looking for a nice jolt of energy with a smooth and soft taste. This medium roast features balanced and straightforward aromas and flavor notes with the faint chocolate hints we all know and love.

    We recommend enjoying this brew with a splash of oat milk or our superfood creamers because even though this blend is straightforward, let's face it, you still want your coffee to be a bit extra.

  • Claim to Fame: This brew might be straightforward, but it'll leave you feeling next level energized.