3 Pack - Kimera Samurai Creamer (8oz) + Butterfly Creamer (8oz) + Dragon Creamer (8oz)

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1 bag of Kimera Dragons Creamer 100% Raw Cacao + Collagen Peptides + Coconut

1 bag of Kimera Butterfly Creamer Pea Flower + Cashew Cream

1 bag of Kimera Dragon Creamer Beetroot + Coconut

Bring a little color to your mornings!

Non-Dairy Super Fuel to balance Mind and Body. Kimera’s line of superfood creamers are ideal to enhance your daily brew. Also, try these in your favorite smoothies and recipes.

  • Helps Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduces Appetite
  • Balances Mood
  • Anti-Oxidative Properties
  • Support Joint Health and Tissue Repair

38 Servings Per Bag

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