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2 Pack & Ghost Mug - Kimera Koffee Original (12oz) - Organic Ground

"After my first pot of Kimera Koffee there was a notable difference in it and the usual Folgers, particularly in how sharp I felt mentally. Coffee tends to help me focus a bit better and of course makes me more alert. But, when drinking Kimera it's as if I am able to snap out of this mental haze that I wasn't even aware of. It's pretty delicious too!"

- Wes. H

2 bag of Kimera Koffee (Ground) High Altitude Artisan Organic Coffee infused with Alpha GPC, Taurine, DMAE, and L-Theanine. Plus, our Ghost Mug features a double wall chamber to keep your brew hot or cold. Become the envy of peers when they witness every moment you take a sip of Kimera Koffee. 

  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Optimized Focus & Concentration
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Brazilian Beans Medium Roast


Sweet, balanced, straightforward. Notes of cedar, chocolate, hazelnut, faint flowers.


Syrupy, full body. 


Good sweetness and balance, mild chocolate, faint apricot, fir, walnut, hint of faded lily, subtle floral notes.

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NITRO FLUSH. Our bags are packaged using our Nitrogen Flushing system. We package our coffee within hours of roasting. Nitro Flushing purges oxygen from the bag and injects nitrogen before completely sealing the container. This allows Kimera to get same-day freshly roasted flavor to your cup with every brew.

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