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Phase 1 Organic Peaberry by Kimera Koffee

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"Kimera Koffee has done it again! I don’t know how I got through my work week before. This coffee is FRUITIER than their regular blend but still so smooth. I love also that there’s no artificial sweeteners in it the sweetness and fruitiness is natural."

- Jean P.

1 bag of Phase 1 Peaberry USDA Organic Beans by Kimera Koffee. High Altitude, Single Estate.

Kimera Koffee's highest quality beans, grown in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Our coffee plants yield 5% peaberry beans, each hand selected and sorted. Peaberry beans are unique in that they are the only bean in the cherry (rather than two), therefore receiving all of the plant's nutrients in a concentrated dose. Peaberry beans are regarded as naturally sweeter, more aromatic, and more pleasant in taste than regular coffee beans.


Sweet, floral bouquet.


Silky sweetness, rich, delicate, full-bodied. 


Clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness, honey and floral yet bold flavor, smooth and rich.  

Note: Does not contain Brain Vitamins. These are whole beans only.

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